My Dial-Up Internet suddenly disconnects after I have just signed on

Go to the START tab located on your bottom tool bar » Click on the CONTROL Panel or SETTINGS » Look for the icon that says INTERNET OPTIONS and double click on it » At the top of the box that comes up click on the word CONNECTION » A screen will appear with a large white rectangular box in it » Make sure that either Orillia ProNet, or Encode is typed in this box » Underneath this rectangle are 3 small circles with statements beside them » The only one that should be checked is the last circle that says: ‘Always dial my default connection’ » If any of the other circles are checked remove the checks » Click OK and exit this screen

When I send an email it appears as though I have sent it, but it is never received by the person I was trying to send it to

Call Orillia ProNet for instructions on how to solve this matter.

I downloaded a ‘CHAT’ program such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger….Now my email program does not work, why?

With any 3rd party program you must contact the company that provides it » We do not support these programs! » These programs will conflict with your Orillia ProNet email service » Chat programs can be a major “pipeline” for the spread of viruses » Make sure your Anti-Virus programs are up to date » Also be aware that this can make your computer available for “Hackers” to make illegal telephone calls to far away locations like Europe

I am unable to reply to an email that was sent to me, and I receive a Mailer Demon/Postmaster message

First read the message carefully » It should explain the reason why it has come back » Ignore all the technical language and look for the word REASON » Most likely the address you are sending to is incorrect » It may be because the sender has it listed incorrectly when they sent it to you » An example is

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
» There is no such address such as » This person may have had his email listed incorrectly in his computer

How do I block unwanted incoming email messages?

Outlook has a built in feature that can do this: » Start your Outlook Express but don’t allow it to connect to the mail server » Next click on Message Rules » Type ADD » In the message space type in the persons email address you want to block » Click OK » Next time their message is sent to you it will go directly in your Trash Bin » Then you can mark it has spam by clicking on TOOLS and BLOCK SENDER » If this does not work, call Orillia ProNet and we can block it for you

How do I get my name to show on the messages I send out?

Go to your Outlook » Go to TOOLS » Go to ACCOUNTS » Click on PROPERTIES » On the screen that pops up in the first white bar will be where you can type in your name » Click OK to save

If I take a trip am I able to check my email while away?

Yes you can! » You can do this by logging into our @WebMail service located on the Orillia ProNet website » Next you would enter your full email address as your user name and your password in CAPITAL letters » Remember to access your email you would have to be signed on to the Internet » So either check out the local Internet providers there, or go to an Internet Cafe or the local Library

Will I be able to use my telephone at the same time as my Internet?

No. With a dial up connection it uses the phone line to connect to the Internet

How do I protect my computer from viruses?

We recommend purchasing Anti-Virus software » Orillia ProNet screens for viruses coming through our own mail server » We do not guarantee that we will trap all viruses » For example we do not scan your incoming mail if you use Yahoo or Hotmail » You can purchase Anti-Virus software at your local computer store » This will ensure your computer is well protected

My email is jammed, and I have already verified that these messages are not being held at Orillia ProNet. Why are they taking so long?

Normally it is your Anti-Virus software that is the cause of this problem » Because it is taking it’s time scanning your mail for viruses » You can either wait to allow for the messages to slowly download » Or Go to your anti-virus tab in the bottom left corner of your screen » Click on it » Choose OPTIONS » You may have to click on your anti-virus program again » Look for the boxes beside ‘scanning for your incoming and outgoing email’ » Uncheck the boxes beside the incoming and outgoing mail lines » This means your Anti-virus program will scan your messages after you have received them in your mailbox » It will not affect the security of your computer » Your Anti-Virus Protection will still work effectively