network - NetworkingWe have Microsoft Certified technicians who are experienced in corporate networking & data recovery. We are responsible for maintaining the internal corporate networks for many companies, both locally and surrounding areas. In addition, we can provide support for in house technical staff.

We offer advanced / backup support for in house I.T. staff. We also provide advanced computer support for other computer companies in such a manner as if they are not able to support a task for their clients, we will be contracted on their behalf to complete the support request.

Services & Solutions we provide:
Network Installations, Management, Maintenance & Security, Backup Solutions & Data Recovery, Cabling and Infrastructure, Business Servers, Wireless Networking, Computer Data Migration, Exchange Email, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Support Training

Orillia ProNet project list for clients includes but not limited to maintaining BES Servers (Blackberry Enterprise Servers), Exchange Server (2003 to 2010), Cisco ASA’s, Cisco Switches, Cisco Wireless AP’s, Engenius Wireless AP’s, all versions of Microsoft Office, Linksys Hardware, D-Link Hardware, Sonicwall Gateway Appliances, Astaro Gateaway Applicances, IBM Servers (Workstations), Dell Servers (Workstations), HP Servers (Workstations), and many other hardware and software components.

In 2010, Orillia ProNet, Inc was contracted to setup the Cisco wireless network in the new Canada Summit Centre in Huntsville which was designed and setup to cover the entire centre with wireless access for the public and the staff for the G8 project. The project was completed on time and on budget and was well received.

Orillia ProNet, Inc is a constantly growing company and looks forward to continually helping companies take advantage of the new and emerging I.T. infrastructures and technologies that can make a business streamlined and productive.

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