As businesses experience growth, they often add computers to improve efficiency. Eventually, efficiency diminishes as critical information and processes spread across multiple computers. At this point, we would advise having a dedicated server.

What Is a Server?

Unlike most standard computers, servers come with a high-powered processor, high-speed memroy and multiple hard drives, as well as a network interface. Server hard drives typically operate at higher speeds than those found in desktops. The combination of hardware allows a server to offer significantly higher processing power and performance than desktop systems. The operating system (OS) and software that runs them is also specialized.


Servers perform functions ranging from file storage and managing printers to offering database services. Sometimes, large companies maintain individual servers dedicated to one task, such as email. Servers provide a secure and centralized method of data storage.


Servers also help to ensure secure data preservation through a technology known as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. RAID can provide performance improvements and ensures no data loss occurs by ensuring redundant copies of all information exist on more than one hard drive at all times. In practice, RAID technology makes it appear as though all the hard drives in the server operate as a single drive.

At Orillia ProNet Inc, we can provide you a quote for both hardware and service of building your server. Not one server is built the same and we will provide options that best suit your requirements.