With the rise in viruses/malware/spyware and CryptoLocker. Expenses can arise from ineffective or insufficient backup solutions, such as: the cost to rebuild, repair or replacement of computer systems, the loss of business assets, the cost of business interruption due to unplanned downtime, and more.

At Orillia ProNet, Inc we look develop the simplest and most effective backup solution for you and that is customized to your needs.

This includes:backup - Backup Solutions

  • Determine the location and amount of data to be backed up
  • Dedicate a backup server/destination (On-site/Off-site)
  • Installation of backup hardware if required
  • Setup and configuration of backup software and media
  • Configuration of backup type and schedule
  • Configuration of alerts and notifications
  • Regular backup integrity check

What is CryptoLocker?

This is a form of ransomware usually transferred by email. Typically as an attachment, which appears to have been sent by a legitimate company. The attack encrypts files on computer systems and forces them unresponsive unless usually a substantial ransom is paid to unlock.

Software protection is usually inadequate to protect from ransomware. The best protection is by careful examination of emails and attachments and by having constant reliable backups. The need to decrypt ransomware decreases as the backups can be restored.