Did you know, your website design style should be tweaked or updated as often as once a year?
Web trends change and optimal user experience is a must. Designers are constantly coming out with new user-friendly design ideas and trends, and this info graphic is a good example of this, as some of these trends on the “NOT” side were encouraged merely 5 years ago.

This info-graphic I saw floating around online recently was a good depiction of some of the shifts in Website trends, I couldn’t agree more!
webtreepy 150x150 - Web Design Trends
For example, one minor thing you can do to give your website a new look is to change the Typography (Fonts) across your site. Whether its making them bigger, bolder, or a more “readable” font. Fonts used on the web should be clear and comprehensible, and large enough to read on a mobile device. This is why mobile design styling is important. It’s recommended to stray away from using “Fancy/Special” or “Themed” fonts like the ones in this info graphic on the red side, because they can be hard to read and can take a toll on your users experience using website.

Want to spice up your homepage? Incorporating a short video montage of what your business is all about on the homepage is a great way to give your website an updated look and keep people interested.

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